Meetings and conferences in the heart of Brevens 

About 50 km southeast of Örebro is Brevens Bruk, a well-preserved and beautiful mill site, probably the finest example of an old Swedish mill tradition – preserved in more or less its original condition.

Brevens Bruk is a place to enjoy and the proximity to nature creates the best opportunities for creative meetings. We offer nice rooms that can be used for conferences, meetings and activities.

Meeting room
On the ground floor you will find our meeting room with space for 30 people. It has high ceilings and the possibility of various arrangements of tables and chairs.

In the meeting room there is:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Whiteboard, flipchart
  • Chairs and tables for 30 pers
  • Standing table for lecturers
  • Water, fruit and coffee

The Studio
On the second floor, adjacent to the meeting room, is the so-called Ateljén (The Studio), which can be used for coffee, lunch and activities.
With a nice view of the water, there are comfortable armchairs where you can enjoy a break before the work continues.

In the room there is:

  • Fully equipped kitchen / bar
  • Toilet
  • Tables and chairs for 30 pers
  • Sofa group

Doing something completely different can be the way to new inspiration and create community in the workplace.
We have a range of fun and quiet activities in connection with the meeting.

  • Hiking guide
  • Walks through Brevens Bruk
  • Discgolf
  • Sauna
  • Sausage grilling etc. in a spacious grillhut
  • Outdoor gym

Prices & Packages
In Brevens Bruk, we have different types of offers for full- and half-day conferences, or conference packages with optional activities. Contact us and we will help you tailor the meeting or conference with us at Brevens Bruk.
Contact us at or call 019-58 58 50

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