Brevens Bruk AB 

Brevens Bruk AB is part of the corporate group Bystad Holding AB. We are a modern forestry and agricultural company, and an estates management company. The group originally included iron works and iron foundry but these industries have now ceased.

The main industry today is forestry, which is carried out sustainably on 13,800 hectares of productive forest land. The company is double certified according to FSC® and PEFC™. This means that we conduct a long-term business with regard to economic, social and environmental values.

Farming is carried out on approx. 500 hectares, of which approx. 320 hectares in own operation, the rest is leased out. Since the summer of 2018, Brevens Bruk AB has been running ECO farming with suckling cow production starting in 2019.

The real estate business is focused on operating business premises, rental buildings and short-term rentals, with a long-term ambition to increase tourism.