Welcome to Brevens Bruk!

Welcome to Brevens Bruk. Here you will find peace if you want. Here you will also find exciting hunting, relaxing fishing and a fantastic environment. You are welcome to stay for a while. Or for a long time.

About Brevens Bruk

Previously, Brevens Bruk was primarily an ironworks. Today we are a modern forestry and agricultural company.

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Hunting & Fishing

Experience the excitement of hunting, the beautiful lake and our fantastic nature in Brevens Bruk.

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Stay in Brevens Bruk

Find accomodation for a weekend,
the holidays or for a much longer time than that.

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Visit Brevens Bruk

There are many good reasons to visit. One of the more well-known is the midsummer celebration.

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Conference & Meeting

We offer nice rooms that can be used for conferences, meetings and activities.

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We publish our own local newspaper. In it you can read about most things that happen in our part of the world.

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Kontoret är öppet på Vardagar

07:00 – 16:00


Växeln är öppen vardagar 08.00-12.00.
övrig tid, se vår kontaktsida för personkontakt

+46 (0) 19-58 58 50


Bruksgatan 6
715 96 Brevens Bruk