Hunting and Fishing in Brevens Bruk 

Our lands are rich in game, not least deer and Sottern offers fine lake fishing from land or boat.
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Brevens Bruk AB’s land is extremely wild. The game that is both dominant and most visible to the area is the fallow deer. The fallow deer population is very strong and also keeps a lot of very beautiful capital deer. On the fields there are also a lot of wild boar, normal moose strains, an increasing red deer population and a lot of hares and capercaillies. The deer have been pushed back by the many deer, but have recovered somewhat in recent years. The hunt is mainly leased to hunting teams, but Brevens Bruk AB also has its own representation land where representative hunting and sales hunts are conducted. The company sells a limited number of larger hunts as well as stealth and guard hunts for fallow deer and wild boar.
For more information please contact:
Thorbjörn Andersson (hunting manager)
Jonas Pettersson (forest ranger)
Tomas Thuresson (forest manager and CEO)


Brevens Bruk AB offers fine fishing waters in Lake Sottern. The lake is 2,800 hectares and contains a 700 hectare Natura 2000 area called “Sottern’s archipelago”. The reserve was inaugurated in 1997 and was created primarily to protect ospreys and large loons that are well represented in the lake.
During the period 15 May to 15 July, access to the reserve is prohibited.

In Sottern there are plenty of e.g. pikeperch, perch, pike, lake, eel and roach.

Chart of Sottern (Please note that this is only a simple map of the lake. There are many rocks in the lake that are not marked, so drive carefully.) The purple part does not belong to Brevens Bruk AB’s fishing waters.
Please note that fishing in the nature reserve is not allowed. Picture on map of the lake

 Fishing license 

Fishing license prices from 1/4 2021
The fees are based on the Fiskevattenägarnas recommendations. 

Fishing license price:

Annual card hand tools 1 person SEK 700
Annual card hand tools, family SEK 1050
Annual card trolling, 1 person SEK 1200
Annual card trolling, family SEK 1800
Weekly card hand tools, 1 person SEK 350
Weekly card hand tools, family SEK 525
Weekly card trolling, 1 person SEK 525
Weekly card trolling, family  SEK 750
Day pass hand tools, 1 person SEK 70
Day pass hand tools, family  SEK 105
Day pass trolling, 1 person SEK 105
Day pass trolling, family SEK 150

Hand gear fishing for young people up to the age of 18 is free of charge.

Fishing licenses are available for purchase at:

Brevens Bruk AB, 019-585850,
OKQ8, Norra Storgatan 21, Pålsboda
Café Saker & Ting, Bruksgatan 16, Brevens Bruk

To buy a day pass, use iFiske or swisha the correct amount to 123 355 98 12.
For an annual pass, use iFiske or contact our office or our dealers.

Fishing rules

The fishing license for Sottern applies to fishing in the part of the lake that belongs to Brevens Bruk AB. Approximate boundary consists of a line Kvarsätter – along the municipal boundary – Fjärdingshällen Prästön – 500 m Ö Käfsterud. (See purple marking on attached map of Sottern.)

The card is personal and must be brought with you when fishing and be presented for inspection upon request.
Only fishing with hand gear is allowed.
For pikeperch, the catch of fish is a minimum of 45 cm and a maximum of 5 pikeperch / day.
For pike, the catch of fish is a minimum of 50 cm and a maximum of 5 pike / day.
For trolling, special fishing licenses apply.
For trolling, a maximum of 4 rods / cards or a maximum of 6 rods / boat applies.
When ice fishing, only hand gear applies, angling is not allowed.
Ortsbo means those who live within Brevens Bruk’s land holdings, including residents in Högsjö, Svennevad and Pålsboda.
Family refers to those who live in the same household.
Hand gear fishing for young people up to the age of 18 is free of charge (presentation of ID document required).
In the event of a breach of the above rules, a control fee may be charged by the fisheries inspector.

Show consideration for nesting birds. Do not fish closer than 200 m from nesting ospreys and 300 m from nesting great loons.

 Boat docks in Sottern 

Brevens Bruk AB can offer boat docks in Sottern at Gillberga, Kilsmo and Knipphammaren.

The places consist of boat barriers at piers. There are plenty of parking spaces. Trash cans are available at the car parks so you do not have to take rubbish from the boat trip home. At each dock area there is a boom to which you must have a key to be able to put in your boat.

Since many prefer not to have their boat lying by the pier but instead put in and pick up the boat at each turn, it is now possible to only rent a boom key to one of the dock areas.

A place for your boat costs SEK 800 and a key for the boom costs SEK 500.


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