The Village 

Brevens Bruk is located 30 miles southeast of Örebro and is just two hours from the Swedish capital city Stockholm. It is a beautiful village, where most of the buildings date back to the 17th to 19th centuries.

Another aspect that makes Brevens Bruk so appealing and attractive is the water that surrounds the area. To the west you will find the lakes Botaren and Sottern, and passing through the village is the Brevens stream which eventually flows into the Baltic Sea. To the east you will find another lake, Högsjön. A tour to Sottern will take you to a beautiful archipelago nature reserve where osprey and black-throated diver can be found amongst the local wildlife.

Taking a walk through the beautiful village is to take a walk back in history, not only in the life and work of the village but also in it’s architectural heritage.  In addition to the beautiful surroundings there are a number of historically interesting buildings including Brevens Bruks Manor House, which dates back to 1698, the church built in 1842 and the blast furnace and calcinatory both dating from the 19th century. The calcinatory is one of the most well known buildings, with an eight-squared roof. In addition, the old carpenters workshop is used by the regional history society as a meeting place. Also of interest is the Brevens Bruk museum, which shows how the village has developed through the years.

Within the small and charming village there are also some interesting shops including an art and handcraft shop and a gallery. In the more modern Brevensgården you will find a restaurant, a pub, an assembly hall and also rooms available for rent. Should you wish to rent a holiday home for a short time these are available either in the village or just outside Brevens Bruk. Throughout the year there are a number of different events including markets, music events, art exhibitions and much more.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Brevens Bruk has been declared a national historical monument.