The forestry is the dominating industry for Brevens Bruk AB with an area of 33 112 acres of productive forest land.

Brevens Bruk AB have high ambitions with regards to bot environment and economy and we are certified both in accordance to FCCs ((DNV-FM/COC-000044-FSC-S) and PEFCs (2013-SKM-PEFC-050) standards. The certification means that we commit ourselves to meeting the respective standard requirements in respect of environment, social values and economic interests.

Brevens Bruk AB have its own logging group with two machines. Our six forestry workers are machine operators but also do manual jobs.

Tomas Thuresson (+4670 320 16 91) is our Forest Manager and also CEO. Jonas Pettersson (+4670 349 15 63) is Forest Warden and also responsible for the hunting.


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