Hunting and Fishing in Brevens Bruk


Brevens Bruk offers the perfect location for hunting. The forests around Brevens Bruk are abundant in fallow deer but there are also moose and wild boar.

The hunting is mainly leased out to game laws, but Brevens Bruk AB also have their own land for official hunting.



Brevens Bruk AB can offer good fishing waters in Lake Sottern. The lake is 6900 acres, including a 1730 acres reserve called “The Sottern Archipelago”. The nature reserve was opened in 1997 and was created mainly to protect osprey and black-throated diver which are well represented in the lake. From May 15 to July 15 there is no admittance to the reserve.

In Lake Sottern there is plenty of perch, pike-perch, pike, burbote, eel, bream, tench, rudd and roach.

Fishing permits can be bought from our office, +4619 58 58 58,

Chart over Sottern

Prices fishing licenses:

Yearly license, 1 person 700 kr
Family 1050 kr
Yearly license trolling, 1 person 1200 kr
Family 1800 kr
Weekly license, 1 person 350 kr
Family 525 kr
Weekly license trolling, 1 person 525 kr
Family 750 kr
Daily license, 1 person 70 kr
Family 105 kr
Daily license trolling, 1 person 105 kr
Family 150 kr

Fiskekort are avalible at:
Brevens Bruk AB, 019-585850,
OKQ8, Norra Storgatan 21, Pålsboda
Saker & Ting, Bruksgatan 16, Brevens Bruk

Berths in Lake Sottern


Brevens Bruk can offer berths in Lake Sottern at several bridges around the lake; Gillberga, Kilsmo and Knipphammaren. The berths constitute of bridges with bars. There is plenty of parking space.

Price 750 SEK per year.


Telefon: 019-58 58 50

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