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Brevens Bruk AB is part of the corporate group Bystad Holding AB. We are a modern forestry and agricultural company, and an estates management company. The group originally included iron works and iron foundry but these industries have now ceased.
Today forestry is our main industry, with an area of 33 112 acres of productive forest land.

The company has certification via Holmen Skog AB according to both FSC® license number FSC-C009819 and PEFC™ and are committed to follow the standards set out in the certificates. This means that the company conducts its business taking long-term economic, social and cultural responsibility.

Agriculture also takes place on 1,200 acres of which 444 acres are leased out. At present we are looking at starting organic farming.

Our estates division focuses on the management and letting of attractive range of flats, houses and commercial property. We also offer beautifully located holiday cottages for short as well as long rental periods.

Bystad Holding AB

Bystad Holding AB is the parent company of both Brevens Bruk AB, Sweden and Competition Line UK Ltd, England, and is privately owned by the family Gripenstedt.

Competition Line UK Ltd (CLUK) is a market leader in providing the public sector with state-of-the-art fitness facilities under the brand name of Lifestyle Fitness. CLUK designs, builds and renovates fitness facilities to a standard that often exceeds those in the private sector. CLUK has over 32 years experience in the field of leisure facility income sharing. With a team of over 190 staff including sales, technical and marketing support, and a comprehensive admin back-up, the company prides itself on both its high levels of service and customer focus


Brevens Bruk is a small village in the beautiful Swedish countryside and can be found just 30 miles from Örebro. If you are looking to visit the Swedish countryside, Brevens Bruk, with it’s well preserved village and traditions, is one of the finest examples you will find. Brevens Bruk takes its name from the surrounding of water and means literally ‘marshland’. Both beautiful scenery and lovely historical buildings surround the village, the most noticeable of which are the calcinatory and the blast furnace, both built in 1864.

Brevens Bruk was first mentioned as early as the year 1317 when a farm was given to the nuns belonging to the Monastery of Riseberga and was most likely used as fishing grounds. The iron industry started in Brevens Bruk in1679 when Claes Rålamb (one of Sweden’s most influential statesmen at the time) received the authority to start work and which subsequently led to Brevens Bruk developing around the growing iron industry.

Many of the forms and models originally used in the original iron foundry are still preserved today and it’s likely they form one of the biggest collections in Sweden. They are viewable in the Brevens Bruk museum. During the 18th and 19thcentury, the iron industry formed a large part of Brevens Bruk’s development as a growing village. However, due to the decline in the iron industry in the 20th century, the Brevens Bruk iron factory was closed down in 1933. The foundry however remained in production until 1986. As its legacy, the grand buildings are still a powerful reminder of the history of the village. Today, Brevens Bruk acts almost like a map of history that shows visitors how an old Swedish industrial village was built, complete with manor house, church, school, working facilities and production buildings and how well they are integrated together. You won’t be surprised to learn that Brevens Bruk has been declared a national historical monument.




In Brevens Bruk´s archive you will find documents concerning Brevens Bruk, Bystad, Nynäs and the owner families.

The aim from the company/family has been to collect and register all archives which previously were dispersed, in order to have the economic, cultural and social history gathered. The material not only gives a historical picture of an iron foundry during more than 300 years of operation, but also gives the equivalent picture of the extensive forestry and agriculture which was connected with the iron industry. The material also tells about the conditions of life for both owners and employees during several hundred years. Most of the documents are from the 19th and 20th century, but there are also documents as far back as the 16th century.

Apart from documents there are also a large number of maps, photos and films in the archive.

For more information about our archive, please contact Sirpa Ahonen, 019-585855,

The District

Brevens Bruk is located 30 miles southeast of Örebro and is just two hours from the Swedish capital city Stockholm. It is a beautiful village, where most of the buildings date back to the 17th to 19th centuries.

Another aspect that makes Brevens Bruk so appealing and attractive is the water that surrounds the area. To the west you will find the lakes Botaren and Sottern, and passing through the village is the Brevens stream which eventually flows into the Baltic Sea. To the east you will find another lake, Högsjön. A tour to Sottern will take you to a beautiful archipelago nature reserve where osprey and black-throated diver can be found amongst the local wildlife.

Taking a walk through the beautiful village is to take a walk back in history, not only in the life and work of the village but also in it’s architectural heritage.  In addition to the beautiful surroundings there are a number of historically interesting buildings including Brevens Bruks Manor House, which dates back to 1698, the church built in 1842 and the blast furnace and calcinatory both dating from the 19th century. The calcinatory is one of the most well known buildings, with an eight-squared roof. In addition, the old carpenters workshop is used by the regional history society as a meeting place. Also of interest is the Brevens Bruk museum, which shows how the village has developed through the years.

Within the small and charming village there are also some interesting shops including an art and handcraft shop and a gallery. In the more modern Brevensgården you will find a restaurant, a pub, an assembly hall and also rooms available for rent. Should you wish to rent a holiday home for a short time these are available either in the village or just outside Brevens Bruk. Throughout the year there are a number of different events including markets, music events, art exhibitions and much more.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Brevens Bruk has been declared a national historical monument.

The Magazine

Since 1994 we have published two numbers per year of our magazine “Brevens Bruk AB”. We write about news in the company, what has happened in the neighbourhood, coming local events, information to our tenants and customers, historical stories relating to Brevens Bruk etc. The magazine – which has become very popular through the years – is distributed free of charge to all households in the immediate surroundings, as well as to all our customers and suppliers, totally around 9000 magazines.

Here you can find all the magazines from 2003 and onwards. Click on the number you want to load down.

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